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Practice Areas

You can learn more about services offered by Jhaj & Co Professional Services Inc. by browsing through the services web pages. Contact our office for detailed information about the services we can provide.

Services our team of accountants offer include:


We at Jhaj & Co Professional Services Inc. provide accounting services to meet your business requirements. Our accounting services include review and compilation

Financial statements preperations

Small business generally have no need for expensive audits or reviews. We provide compilation or Notice to Reader financial statements. The NTR are acceptable when business need for financial statements is for tax filing and owners’/managers’ consumption. We compile the financial statements to meet the tax filing and management’s use.



We at Jhaj & Co Professional Services Inc. keep abreast of changes in taxation laws to ensure we are able to provide you with competent advise. We endeavor to utilize the available tools and deductions to optimize your tax savings. Our services include:

  • Preparation of T1 personal income tax returns

  • Preparation of T2 corporate income tax returns

  • General tax planning for individuals and corporations

  • Filings of various elections to minimize income taxes

  • Advising on corporate reorganizations

  • Providing estate and succession planning

  • Providing support for Canada Revenue Agency tax audits

Bookkeeping Services:

We at Jhaj & Co Professional Services Inc. can provide you with tailor made bookkeeping solutions at an effective cost relative to setting up and staffing your own accounting department. The services we provide include:

  • Preparation of financial statements on annual basis or other desired frequency 

  • Filing of GST/HST, PST and WCB returns

  • Payroll processing and remittances

  • Processing accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Recording and posting general ledger transactions

  • Preparation of T4s, T5s and T4As

  • Review and/or preparation of chart of accounts

  • Assisting in software conversions

Payroll Services

We at Jhaj & Co Professional Services Inc. provide payroll processing services to clients with few to more than 50 employees. The services include:

  • Periodic payroll preparation

  • Prepare payroll stubs for you to print payroll cheques

  • Prepare and print payroll cheques and paystubs

  • Set-up and manage electronic transfer of funds directly from your bank account

  • Provide a report detailing the employee and employer deductions required to be remitted on whatever interval you are required to file on

  • Prepare T4's, T4As and the T4 summary at the end of the year

  • Track union deductions and remittances by employee and prepare the necessary union reports

  • Answer your questions as they relate to the BC Employment Standard Act

Business Consulting Services 

Jhaj & Co Professional Services Inc.  has educated and  experienced staff to offer other services to help you with your business planning and management. Our services include : 

  • Evaluating various financing avenues and assist you through financing application processes

  • Communicate with financial institutes and lenders

  • Business planning for new or existing businesses

  • Buy or lease analysis to assist you with finding optimal financing structure

  • Set-up of a bookkeeper, but are concerned about how to ensure your prospective employee can do the job

  • Strategic planning to improve your cash flow

  • Strategic planning to consider expanding your business

  • Strategic planning to reduce accounts receivable collection problems

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